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Upcoming releases:

Did you think we were done with releases for 2016? So did we!

Turns out that we had to jump in on a couple of more awesome releases before the end of the year though,
so were bringing you the following:

Forræderi – A Monument To Misery 12″ – DBHR#007 – September 2016
The Mansters – S/T 12″ – DBHR#008 – September 2016
Mørkt Kapittel – TBA 12″ – DBHR#009 – Fall 2016

Get in touch for preorders and/or trades!

We will update the shop with some preorder options as soon as we get the details in place!

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Release is closing in!

Release for both the Concrete Steps – Seven song EP 7″ and the Artillerist – Crowd Control EP 7″ is set to the 10th of march! In other words, they are pretty imminent! Both Records should arrive D-beat Hjerte HQ sometime next week, and preorders will be shipped out asap after that.

Here are some snippets from both releases!