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Super Best Friends (comp) – 2×12″


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A compilation by Tonehjulet Kräftpest, featuring Affordable Hybrid, Anti Poison Slammer, Göttemia and Leaders Off. It is a beautiful double 12″ vinyl with the Union-flag on the front.

Side A / Affordable Hybrid
Hell of my dreams – Step out of blue – Strangers – The Prison Song – Faces – No Control – Dirty Old Hands – On A train
Side B / Anti Poison Slammer
Be still – Empty Words – Fold the Curl – Frontpage – Micro – Pigs On Plates
Side C / Göttemia
Baby Box / Beach Hymn / Disfunctional Boys / We Come For Your Children / Halden By Night / Humanity Smells Like Poo / Little Venus / Idiots / Piñata / .PDFL / Mongoloid / Kill Kill Kill / Ugly Guy From Impanema (Gary No Moore)
Side D / Leaders Off
Mari / Shouthern Girl / Giant Guitar / Same Old No / I Love you