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New Stuff in the Distro 16.03.16

Irritation – Socialrealismen EP 7″
Iron Merda/Fracàs Absolut ‎– Merda Absoluta split 7″
Dis-Tank – Hardcore D-beat Bruisers Volume One 7″
Appäratus – Degenëration Ovërdrive! 7″
Crutches – Demo 2012 7″
Iron Merda – S/t 7″
Desert Crone – Distorted Solitude MC
Faensmakt – S/T 12″
Concrete Steps – Holiday In Folldal Shirt
Concrete Steps – Seven Song EP 7″
Artillerist – Crowd Control 7″

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Release is closing in!

Release for both the Concrete Steps – Seven song EP 7″ and the Artillerist – Crowd Control EP 7″ is set to the 10th of march! In other words, they are pretty imminent! Both Records should arrive D-beat Hjerte HQ sometime next week, and preorders will be shipped out asap after that.

Here are some snippets from both releases!