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Long time no blog!

Long time since the last post. We are still alive though! Just got in the Forræderi – A Monument To Misery EP on CDs. So should be available in a matter of days. In addition were also co-releasing french grindcore newcomers Hördur later this month. So keep checking in for updates!

Distro Update!

Got a lot of new stuff in the distro, with a bunch of records from Lukket Avdeling Records.

I especially recommend the new Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Gynekologene split 7″!

– Chris

DBHR#009 Mørkt Kapittel – Usnuelig Ferd out February 1st

DBHR#009 Mørkt Kapittel – Usnuelig Ferd will be out soon, february the first. Its available for preorder through the store!

In other news, DBHR#008 The Mansters 10″ s/t will be out asap as well.


DBHR#007 Forræderi – A Monument To Misery is finally in stock

So the records finally have arrived. Order them here or at the Forræderi bandcamp

Upcoming releases:

Did you think we were done with releases for 2016? So did we!

Turns out that we had to jump in on a couple of more awesome releases before the end of the year though,
so were bringing you the following:

Forræderi – A Monument To Misery 12″ – DBHR#007 – September 2016
The Mansters – S/T 12″ – DBHR#008 – September 2016
Mørkt Kapittel – TBA 12″ – DBHR#009 – Fall 2016

Get in touch for preorders and/or trades!

We will update the shop with some preorder options as soon as we get the details in place!

Springsale: all products 15% off with code “maysale” + cheaper shipping!

We`re doing a small spring cleaning here at the office. All products are off by 15% if you use the code “maysale”. Valid until the 31th of may.

We`ve also optimized our shipping calculations, so that they don’t suck ass anymore!


Featurete on DBHR @

We got a featurete by the nice people at Check it out for some input on the Artillerist and Concrete Steps Eps, label/distro stuff and the upcoming Forræderi 12″

New Stuff in the Distro 16.03.16

Irritation – Socialrealismen EP 7″
Iron Merda/Fracàs Absolut ‎– Merda Absoluta split 7″
Dis-Tank – Hardcore D-beat Bruisers Volume One 7″
Appäratus – Degenëration Ovërdrive! 7″
Crutches – Demo 2012 7″
Iron Merda – S/t 7″
Desert Crone – Distorted Solitude MC
Faensmakt – S/T 12″
Concrete Steps – Holiday In Folldal Shirt
Concrete Steps – Seven Song EP 7″
Artillerist – Crowd Control 7″

Concrete steps & Artillerist

The records are finally here! All preorders will be shipped out within the evening!

Release is closing in!

Release for both the Concrete Steps – Seven song EP 7″ and the Artillerist – Crowd Control EP 7″ is set to the 10th of march! In other words, they are pretty imminent! Both Records should arrive D-beat Hjerte HQ sometime next week, and preorders will be shipped out asap after that.

Here are some snippets from both releases!