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Distro Update!

Got a lot of new stuff in the distro, with a bunch of records from Lukket Avdeling Records.

I especially recommend the new Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Gynekologene split 7″!

– Chris

DBHR#009 Mørkt Kapittel – Usnuelig Ferd out February 1st

DBHR#009 Mørkt Kapittel – Usnuelig Ferd will be out soon, february the first. Its available for preorder through the store!

In other news, DBHR#008 The Mansters 10″ s/t will be out asap as well.


DBHR#007 Forræderi – A Monument To Misery is finally in stock

So the records finally have arrived. Order them here or at the Forræderi bandcamp

Upcoming releases:

Did you think we were done with releases for 2016? So did we!

Turns out that we had to jump in on a couple of more awesome releases before the end of the year though,
so were bringing you the following:

Forræderi – A Monument To Misery 12″ – DBHR#007 – September 2016
The Mansters – S/T 12″ – DBHR#008 – September 2016
Mørkt Kapittel – TBA 12″ – DBHR#009 – Fall 2016

Get in touch for preorders and/or trades!

We will update the shop with some preorder options as soon as we get the details in place!

Springsale: all products 15% off with code “maysale” + cheaper shipping!

We`re doing a small spring cleaning here at the office. All products are off by 15% if you use the code “maysale”. Valid until the 31th of may.

We`ve also optimized our shipping calculations, so that they don’t suck ass anymore!


Featurete on DBHR @

We got a featurete by the nice people at Check it out for some input on the Artillerist and Concrete Steps Eps, label/distro stuff and the upcoming Forræderi 12″

New Stuff in the Distro 16.03.16

Irritation – Socialrealismen EP 7″
Iron Merda/Fracàs Absolut ‎– Merda Absoluta split 7″
Dis-Tank – Hardcore D-beat Bruisers Volume One 7″
Appäratus – Degenëration Ovërdrive! 7″
Crutches – Demo 2012 7″
Iron Merda – S/t 7″
Desert Crone – Distorted Solitude MC
Faensmakt – S/T 12″
Concrete Steps – Holiday In Folldal Shirt
Concrete Steps – Seven Song EP 7″
Artillerist – Crowd Control 7″

Concrete steps & Artillerist

The records are finally here! All preorders will be shipped out within the evening!

Release is closing in!

Release for both the Concrete Steps – Seven song EP 7″ and the Artillerist – Crowd Control EP 7″ is set to the 10th of march! In other words, they are pretty imminent! Both Records should arrive D-beat Hjerte HQ sometime next week, and preorders will be shipped out asap after that.

Here are some snippets from both releases!


Updates on the Concrete Steps And Artillerist EPs

Both test presses are now approved, so It looks like both will be released sometime early March!

You can preorder the records on the preorder page here!